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Land of the English Kin

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

This book, in honour of Prof. Barbara Yorke, is a FREE .pdf from Brill!

Find the whole book, edited by Alexander Langlands and Ryan Lavelle, at this link.

Contributors include Ryan Lavelle, Alexander Langlands, Anthony C. King, Martin Biddle, Jillian Hawkins, Nick Stoodley, Sue Harrington, John Baker and Jayne Carroll, Courtnay Konshuh, N. J. Higham, David A. E. Pelteret, Helena Hamerow, Andrew Reynolds, Stuart Brookes, David McDermott, Jinty Nelson, Steven Bassett, John Blair, Jonathan Pitt, Michael Hare, Alan Thacker, Robert Higham, David Bates, Simon Roffey, Katherine Weikert, Michael Hicks, Karl Christian Alvestad, and R. C. Richardson.

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