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Conference Papers

July 2020                     

‘The King, His Hall and a Scandal: Accounts of Eadwig in the Tenth Century,’ invited speaker, Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain.

June 2020                    

‘Medieval Inventories and Historical Consciousness: The Case of Post-Conquest Ely,’ invited speaker, Trinity College Dublin Medieval History Seminars

December 2019            

‘Writing the Personae of Emma of Normandy,’ invited speaker, Univerzita Karlova, Prague

October 2019               

‘The Descendants of the House of Wessex at War,’ Hyde900 Annual King Alfred Lecture

July 2019                     

‘Things Forgotten: The Eleventh-Century Inventories of the Liber Eliensis,’ Leeds International Medieval Congress

May 2019                    

‘Biographies of Buildings: Unexpected Stories from Earlier Medieval Manors,’ Kalamazoo International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University

March 2019                 

  • ‘Things to a Small Island,’ Invited Speaker, AHRC Mobility of Objects Across Boundaries  Network, University of Chester

  • ‘Buildings and Time: Earlier Medieval Households and Contexts,’ Invited speaker, Medieval Archaeology Group Seminars, Cambridge University

July 2018                     

  • ‘We can be Heroes: Material Culture and the Creation of Bryhtnoth.’ Leeds International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

  • Roundtable in Honour of Pauline Stafford: ‘Gender and the Norman Conquest.’ Leeds International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

  • Castles and Society Roundtable: ‘Late Anglo-Saxon Architecture and Authority.’ Leeds International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

February 2018             

‘Men on the Watch: The Taisson Family and the Motte d’Olivet, 1040s-1050s.’ Invited speaker, Centre for Medieval Studies Research Seminars, University of York

December 2017            

‘Telling Buildings’ Stories.’ Invited speaker, AHRC Archaeologies of the Norman Conquest  Network, University of York

May 2017                    

‘Space, Gender and Authority in the Manorial Settings of England, ca 900-1200.’ Buildings in Society International Conference III, University of Stockholm

November 2016           

‘The Past in the Present: Memorialization and Identities at Ely Cathedral in the Twelfth Century.’ Invited speaker, Medieval Archaeology Seminars, Oxford University

September 2016           

‘Buildings, Spaces and Societies: Manorial Sites in Normandy, ca 1050-1200.’ European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting, University of Vilnius

July 2016                     

Public History Round Table: ‘Intersections of the Past and Present.’ Battle Conference on Anglo-Norman Studies

July 2016                     

‘The Failed Men: Representing Gender and Conquest.’ Conquest: 1016 1066 Conference, Oxford University

April 2015                   

‘The Afterlives of the Ealdorman Byrhtnoth.’ University of Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies Annual Easter Symposium: Manhood in Anglo-Saxon England

May 2014                    

‘Familial Identity in Curated Spaces: The Use of Textiles from Anglo-Saxon Wills.’ International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University

June 2011                    

‘Two Women of Wessex: Landscape, Gender and Memory in the Tenth Century.’ British Federation of Women Graduates Annual Research Day

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