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Land of the English Kin: Studies in Wessex and Anglo-Saxon England in Honour of Barbara Yorke free book!

Prof. Barbara Yorke's festscrift is available as a free eBook at this link! Contributors: Ryan Lavelle, Alex Langlands, Anthony C. King, Martin Biddle, Jillian Hawkins, Nick Stoodley, Sue Harrington, John Baker and Jayne Carroll, Courtney Konshuh, Julia Barrow, N.J. Higham, David A.E. Pelteret, Helena Hamerow, Andrew Reynolds, Stuart Brookes, David McDermott, Jinty Nelson, Steven Bassett, John Blair, Jonathan Pitt, Michael Hare, Alan Thacker, Robert Higham, David Bates, Simon Roffey, Katherine Weikert, Michael Hicks, Karl Christian Alvestad, and R.C. RIchardson.

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Wikimedia Commons: my contributions

Check out my uploads here on Wikimedia Commons, which are free to use (and generally of size/ppi for teaching or publication.) This is a work in progress but current images include effigies and memorials in England and Normandy, and buildings in Normandy and Norway. Wikimedia Commons is also, of course, a great resource overall for free images from around the world.

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Getty Museum Medieval MSS Images: Free to Use

Under the Getty's Open Content Program, more than 7000 images of their collection of medieval manuscripts are available to use free of charge, for ANY use. You can browse the Manuscript Collection here!

Header image: Carolingian Gospel Book, made in Lorsch, Germany, about 826-838; MS Ludwig II 1 (83.MB.65), The J. Paul Getty Museum.


Metropolitan Museum of Art: Open Access Images

The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers its public domain objeccts as Open Access for all use. Check out the images available at their search function, linked here.

Image: The Morgan Casket, 11th-12th century, ivory, southern Italy, Metropolitan Museum of Art 17.190.241.


Making the Medieval Relevant: free eBook!

DeGruyter is offering the book Making the Medieval Relevant: How Medieval Studies Contribute to Improving our Understanding of the Present, eds Chris Jones, Conor Kostick and Klaus Oschema, as a free eBook. Download it at this link.


Hostages of the Northmen: free eBook!

Stockholm University Press is offering Stefan Olsson's 2019 Hostages of the Northmen: From the Viking Age to the Middle Ages, available as a free eBook in pdf format. Click on the link here to download the monograph.

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