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Katherine Weikert, PhD


Medievalist and scholar

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About Me

About Me

I'm a medievalist, writer and academic, specialising in England and Normandy ca 900-1200.

My research interests include how authority and gender were represented in the past, especially through people's houses, buildings and material culture, but also how people in the medieval period used the past to create their own political and cultural legitimacy.


Much of this also echoes my own interest in how people in the present day use the medieval past for political means. My publications, conference papers and public appearances reflect all of my varied research interests. As a Senior Lecturer in Early Medieval History at the University of Winchester, I teach topics ranging from architectural history to the creation of the 'past' in history writing. 

Selected Publications

Publications (Selected)


Medieval Intersections: Gender and Status in the European Middle Ages. Co-edited with Elena Woodacre (New York: Berghahn)

'The Queen, the Countess and the Conflict: Winchester 1141,' in Early Medieval Winchester: Studies in Urban Power and Authority c. 800-1200, co-edited with Ryan Lavelle and Simon Roffey (Oxford: Oxbow)


Authority, Gender and Space in the Anglo-Norman World (Woodbridge: Boydell)


Medieval Hostageship c. 700-c. 1500: Hostage, Captive, Prisoner of War, Guarantee, Peacemaker. Co-edited with Matthew Bennett (Abingdon: Routledge)


'The Biography of a Place: Faccombe Netherton, Hampshire, ca 900-ca 1200,' Anglo-Norman Studies 37, 257-84.

Contact Me

Contact Me

Department of History

University of Winchester

Winchester, SO22 4NR


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